Androids Applications

Today electronic devices can be adjuvant for learning, for building co-ordination, for secure
amusement or just for keeping kids calm for some couple of minutes. Chota raja’s android
game applications can make your kids quite and busy in the public places and can also develop
their skills and learning with our educational applications for Android phones into single handy

      Emergency Alert Help

        ABC Quiz for Kids Free

          123 Quiz for Kids Free

            Learn ABC for Kids (Free)

              Learn Kids Punjabi Alphabets

                Learn Kid Numbers 123 in Hindi

                  Learn Kid Numbers in Punjabi

                    Learn Hindi Alphabet Phonetics

                      Learn Hindi Alphabets

                        LEARN KID NUMBERS 123

                          Fruits in Punjabi on Tab

                            Fruits in Hindi on Tab

                              Fruits in English on Tab

                                Vegetables in Punjabi on Tab

                                  Vegetables in Hindi on Tab