Friendly Staff

The sole aim to create is to provide merriment, entertainment and full enjoyment to the game freaks. You can spend or pass amusing hours playing any game of Chota Raja. You can enjoy your favorite game without annoyances as we do not allow any pop-unders, pop-ups or any invasive ads. You can be confident that the hours you play here will be invested enjoying innovative technology activities and not ending pop-up window and dodging software.

Great Games has many excellent online games that you can enjoy what you want. We try our best to find out the most gratifying game for our gamers to have fun with. As opposed to loads of other online game websites, we regard the privileges of the game designers who develop these games. We give utmost care while posting the games that the developer has given authorization to us to post. If you think we have mucked up and posted the game title that we do not have authorization to post, please call or mail us and let us aware. We gravely take copyrights of the developers and will eliminate any unlawful games as we become known to the problem.

Friendly staff

Have you ever mail to the staff of any online game website? Have you got the reply or response? Have you approached us through form? Have you got the response? Yes, you had we are sure that we would write you back. We make our best to response to every opinion we get from customers. We have responded to customer e-mail about various issues as clues on games, help with placing our game spinning on a web page, feedback and recommendations about the site, and plenty of fan e-mail and dislike e-mail about We really like to listen to from our customers. Do we need to say more? Why not deliver us a mail through our web page right now?