What is Chota raja?

Chota raja is an online game site for kids to develop the skills that kids require to get success in school. Kids can enjoy learning with puzzle game, educational game, 2D and 3D videos, photos. Here parents can ask various question related to kids’ bringing, education, fun and other issues plus and wide range of android apps to heighten the learning skills of kids.

How did you come up with Chota raja?

Chota raja relishes kids. So we conceived would it be outstanding to build a platform where kids and parents get all the stuff related to the right bringing of kids. We want it to be as enjoyable as possible so we have added multiple amusing, educational, puzzle games, sci-fi games and trivia and loads of merriment products and activities that we think kids would love to go for.

How do you go up with your ideas?

We have an expert team of people here who always work with fresh thought to make Chota raja better for each and everyone. We also take ideas from lovers as you.

How frequently is Chota raja updated?

We often upgrade Chota raja every four weeks or so. But all things on the website cannot be upgraded every few weeks so continuously check what’s new!


How can I unsubscribe from newsletters?

If you want to unsubscribe yourself from newsletter, just click on and remove yourself from our news letter.

How can I change my email address on newsletters?

To change your e-mail address on any newsletter, you first need to unsubscribe the previous email address then re-subscribe with new email address you want to go with. It can be made by clicking on

What hardware can I use to enjoy Chota properly?

Chota works best on PCs with fast processor but any computer adequate to run your favored online browsing software is more than capable to enjoy the website, game or activity.

High speed connections like cable modems, DSL or other broadband connections let the users to download games, videos, apps, clips and other content at much-faster speed than that of dial-up modems. Please ask your Internet provider for info about high speed access in your arena.

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